Hermitcraft 7 – Ep. 48: MY FIRST MINI-GAME! (Minecraft 1.16) | iJevin

Hermitcraft 7 – Ep. 48: MY FIRST MINI-GAME! (Minecraft 1.16) | iJevin

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Welcome to Hermitcraft season 7! In this season we are playing Minecraft 1.16 multiplayer! Hermitcraft is a private/whitelisted server and a group of friends who play games together!


P.O. Box 386
Dayton, Oh 45409

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40 Trả lời “Hermitcraft 7 – Ep. 48: MY FIRST MINI-GAME! (Minecraft 1.16) | iJevin

  1. To be honest. my eyes are hurting just looking at it. A ice pond in the middle of a nether styled areas. My EYES MY EYES! IT.. HURTS. 😨😰😵😵😵

  2. Please, for the sake of all that is good and just in the world, do NOT use a crafting table to make any type of stone stairs!

  3. Jumping isnt what boosts the knockback, its sprinting – thats why your jump attacks have been failing so much with the armour stands 😛

  4. You can make TUG BOAT multiplayer by adding rules:
    1. Players start on opposite crimson logs.
    2. Each player takes it in turn to TUG once on their BOATS
    3. after the first THREE tugs (accumulative) the players may TUG their BOAT into another player's.
    4. If the BOATS are made to touch the player who caused the collision can relocate either BOAT to a warp point and take another turn.
    5. First to complete the course wins. Best of three to decide who moves on to the next round.

  5. QOTD: Tango’s dungeon run mini game! The absolute dedication he has really shows how excited and motivated he is about it, and everything looks so amazing. The designs, general plot line, and redstone circuitry is completely mind boggling! I’m so excited to see it get finished so that hermits can start playing!!

  6. 11:20 Jevin: "…move your keyboard so it's off by one block…"

    Me: First step towards Minecraft insanity…

  7. A better name for Tugboat is “When The Devil Goes Iceboating” as a portmanteau of the phrase When The Devil Goes Iceskating due to the nether theme

  8. QotD: I would have to say RUN from S6

    Sorry for coming in late, I was on standby for a mr.beast video. I got a car!!!

  9. What you could use for the description may be for the crying obsidian: "You may want to use those mysterious blocks around the map to move your boat with less action. The magic they use is so mysterious that, may I can't tell how it turns out. Use them wisely and let the dark magic flow through your boat to teleport to the stones." It sounds more exiting and way less repetitive. Just a tipp 🙂

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