Combat – Atari 2600 – The First Game You Played (Atari 1977)

Combat – Atari 2600 – The First Game You Played (Atari 1977)

Combat – Atari 2600 aka VCS. The pack-in video game cartridge, so most likely the first game you played. This classic war game helped one of the most popular home game systems of all time get that way.

Tanks for reading the history of the Atari VCS/2600, at The Dot Eaters:

Video Game History 101

Watch Buck have a bad day in the arcade laserdisc game Badlands (Konami 1984)”


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  1. I have an Atari 2600 YouTube playlist if you wanna stay on the battlefield:
    And a more general retro game playlist if you wanna burn through 90 hours or something. Just keep it playing in the background and peek at it occasionally 😉

  2. I got the atari for Christmas back in 81 I think. I didn't get any extra games with it so I was stuck playing these for a week until the shops opened

  3. I remember this game! I played this back in 2007, I grew up with an old Atari my grandmother gave me. Lots of good memories from this. I always loved how they spun around when you got shot, lol.

  4. Happy memories 🙂 Not quite my first console, but close. Didn't this one come free with the 2600 ? Here in the UK I'm pretty sure it was sold as a bundle.

  5. Gosh I was not born yet (86) but I still feel like an old gamer considering I played the crap out of this when I was 5 with my dad. Now games today are so different.. Not all are bad but too may hold your hand. The hard games of the 90s I miss too. Now you can play games and simply never ever lose because the game devs made it that way and even hard mode is easy. I think thats why I liked alien Isolation this gen cause it was actually challenging.

  6. My parents said I was spoiled because they gave me this game and now i look at all the stuff kids today are spoiled rotten over including mobile phones for 6 yr olds ffs.

  7. Was your wife controlling the pink/orange plane also? Who kicked her ass? Anyway, check out what the game looks like in 3D… watch?v=xUaGt8ppTdE I made this with Art Of Illusion.

  8. I remembered playing that "COMBAT" game for the PC, when you fight in different tanks and this was the last one on the game, called "SENTE" which is unlocked by beating the game, then the boss run. The other 3 locked tanks are unlocked by finding a secret area in each of the 3 worlds

  9. I can still feel the joystick in my hand when I watch this. This is the first video game I ever played. Love it. I can't believe I can play it on my iphone now.

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