Automation Game V16 – The 4700HP Tune

Automation Game V16 – The 4700HP Tune

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  1. According to multiple YouTubers, any V16 engine will blow up in BeamNG if it has absolutely anything in the red or orange on the engine at max RPM (This does not apply to the turbo).
    For example at 1:04 the right side piston is red at 39% stress, right conrod is red at 26% stress and the right crank is orange at 18% stress, this will blow up if put in a car and exported and then imported directly to BeamNG with absolutely no modding done to the game or vehicle.

  2. Redline is 12,000 a 4 cylinder with a 4.724 bore and stroke went to 8,800. Mean piston speed for that is 6,923.53. If this is the limit for mean piston speed that would indicate that the largest engine you can build to be able to touch 12000 would be 4.724 x 3.464. Which would be, with the torque/per ci of 2.855 and the 86.324% of torque at the hp peak should get you 5,287.85 horsepower @11600 and if it can have the same numbers to 12000 it would be 5,470 hp.

  3. ok so you have a 4.724 bore and stroke which makes 1,324.77 ci, it's making 3,782.66 lb ft which gives it 2.855 lb ft/ci. You redline at 8,000 which gives you a piston speed of 6,298.66 and your peak is 400 rpm under the redline. At it's peak hp it's making 86.324% of it's max torque. If everything was kept the same as possible but the stroke was reduced these could be your numbers.

    4.724 x 4.5=1,261.95 ci
    8,398.21 redline
    3,602.86 lb ft
    4,736hp @7998.21 rpm

    4.724 x 4=1,121.17 ci
    9,447.99 redline
    3,200.94 lb ft
    4,760hp @9047.99 rpm

    4.724 x 3.5=981.51 ci
    10.797.70 redline
    2,802.21 lb ft
    4,788.99 hp @10,397.70 rpm

    4.724 x 3= 841.3 ci
    12,597.32 redline
    2,401.91 lb ft
    4815 hp @12,197.32 rpm

    4.724 x 2.5=701 ci
    15,116.78 redline
    2,001.35 lb ft
    4,841 hp @14,716.68 rpm

    4.724 x 1.968=551.89 ci
    19,203.31 redline
    1,575.64 lb ft
    4,869 hp @18,803.31 rpm

    If you can make 90% torque at peak hp then the first engine would be at 4,938 hp and the last and smallest would be at 5,076.

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