SMITE is releasing using a free-to-play model

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SMITE is releasing using a free-to-play model

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Smite has a decent pool of game modes for you to choose, with each requiring different team strategies to enable you to win. The main game modes are Conquest, Arena, Assault, Joust, Duel, Siege and Clash. Conquest, Arena, Assault and Joust are the most played game modes. You also get a Match of the Day (which changes every day) and you can now set up custom games with specific rules to suit your every desire.

Arena mode is similar to deathmatch; it’s a small space where players have no room to hide, and a single lane stretches from base to base. This distills the game down to a quick play five-vs-five brawl with faster leveling and gold accumulation. This mode removes the laning, ganking, jungling and other aspects that are often associated with a traditional MOBA match, constantly serving up nothing but the core of genre: the teamfight. The clashes between players are the best parts of any given MOBA match, and Arena lets you focus on them exclusively in fast-paced games that require a different playstyle. This mode is the best Smite has to offer, and players who gravitate toward it can also find ranked, competitive league play.

SMITE is releasing using a free-to-play model. While you can purchase gems and unlock new characters permanently, earning the game’s non-premium currencies can also eventually unlock other characters, or alternatively allow you to “rent” the character for a given amount of time. If you don’t want to mess around with temporarily unlocking characters or grinding to unlock the next, then a $30 pack will permanently unlock all current and future characters. Though, it should be noted that the purchasing method appeared to be less than reliable when we used it — after purchasing any sort of premium pack, a logout was required in order for our account to properly reflect some unlocks having been made. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Smite Gems from Mmocs at a reasonable price.

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