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Vital Max Keto This is always true, whether you do sports or not. There are many ways to achieve the necessary negative energy balance. Who does not do sports, of course, must pay more attention to his diet. Taking less energy than you consume is more difficult the lower your energy consumption is. Energy consumption depends, among other things, on how active you are. But it also depends on how much muscle mass the body has. This is the point that makes losing weight without sports problematic. Body fat and muscle mass everyone has both body fat and muscle mass. When losing weight, body fat should be reduced as much as possible today, knowing that it is important to maintain muscle mass as much as possible. It is anything but easy. If you create a negative energy balance, then you take off. It does not matter if you eat it through less food or through more exercise and exercise. The body can absorb the missing energy both from the body fat and from the musculature. Muscle also consumes energy at rest, fat almost not at all. So when the body is confronted with a supposed emergency situation, it is sensible to first separate oneself from the energy eaters, the muscles, and keeps the precious fat for a little longer. This reduces energy consumption and the reserves last a little longer. What is a sensible course of action in actual emergencies is a cause of the Jogo effect in today's times. Because by the degradation of the musculature the energy consumption decreases, one uses less and less energy, so that one finally with normal portions, possibly even with very small portions, no longer decreases, eventually increases again. (That this is extremely frustrating, what about the Frutescent can lead to further weight gain, should be mentioned only in passing.) First, however, you will be rewarded, by quite fast weight reduction. Because in one kilo of body fat are about 7000 calories, in a kilogram of muscle only about 4000. It decreases faster, if you reduce muscle mass. At least for a while. Display: What does it matter if the body breaks down fat or muscle? With only a low calorie deficit, the body mainly uses the energy from the body fat. The greater the calorie deficit, the greater the percentage of muscle mass in the body mass lost. The greater the calorie deficit becomes, and the less the muscles are needed, the sooner they are broken down.

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