The famous adage says that nobody likes change

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The famous adage says that nobody likes change

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The famous adage says that nobody likes change. That’s often untrue in professional sports competitions Joey Bosa Jersey , particularly the NFL, where big-name players change clubs every offseason for different reasons. Salary-cap limitations result in franchises making difficult decisions regarding the 53 men who can make final rosters. In other instances, players with expiring rookie contracts get paid by organizations that didn’t draft them. Unlike in the NHL and MLB Tony Pollard Jersey , an NFL club with a losing record can turn things around seemingly overnight with a handful of signings coupled with a solid draft class. That reality gives players who join different teams in March or later in an offseason hope that they will find success with their new employers. Numerous compelling storylines will dominate the 2019 offseason in the days and weeks following the Super Bowl. Pro Bowl talents on both sides of the football will become hot commodities even before would-be new teams can “officially” speak with them ahead of offering them contracts. Of course, some rumored moves appear impossible for financial reasons. Situations change quickly in the NFL, but those speculating that either Odell Beckham Jr. or Antonio Brown will be traded ahead of Week 1 of the 2019 campaign should realize several roadblocks stand in the way of such transactions. As of the middle of January Noah Fant Jersey , it appears more likely they’ll have to find success with their current clubs later this year. The tight end position has experienced quite the evolution in the National Football League over the past several decades. Gone are the days when tight ends were known as blockers who could occasionally catch passes every now and again. In the modern football era, NFL tight ends are essentially glorified wide receivers, offensive weapons who Dalton Risner Jersey , in some offenses and schemes, are vital targets for quarterbacks. The New England Patriots, Los Angeles Chargers Drew Lock Jersey , Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens are just four examples of teams who have found top-tier tight ends to match-up against secondaries and linebackers. Those clubs feature tight ends who can scorch any opposing defense and who can also carry your seasonal and weekly fantasy football lineups to impressive points victories on weekends throughout a campaign.With that said, NFL tight ends are somewhat of a dime a dozen in that teams can find elite athletes and All-Pro talents at that position outside of first rounds of drafts. In fact, a majority of individuals who would be considered the best tight ends in the NFL as of the spring of 2017 were not first-round picks. It's because of this that some tight ends who don’t make highlight-reel plays on a weekly basis could be seen as surplus to requirements by teams. Granted , each of the tight ends mentioned in this piece who theoretically shouldn’t be in the league could eventually prove critics wrong and become stars, but one cannot help but wonder if there aren’t better players available who are either unsigned or who will be in the NFL a year or so down the road.

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