Rocket League is available on PC PS4 and Xbox One right now

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Rocket League is available on PC PS4 and Xbox One right now

Bài viết chưa xemgửi bởi dakunlee » Thứ 5 Tháng 12 31, 2020 12:45 pm

This is just one a part of the an awful lot large Second Anniversary Update coming to Rocket League Credits Rocket League on July 5. The update also provides a new arena, Achievements and Trophies, cars, cosmetic objects, and song. You can read extra about it here.

Rocket League is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One right now, however Psyonix recently introduced that it's coming to Nintendo Switch, as nicely. The Switch model launches this December and could feature pass-play with Xbox One and PC; you could examine greater approximately Nintendo's thoughts on cross-play right here. In addition, Psyonix currently spoke about its ongoing discussions with Sony to try to enable pass-play with PS4. As of now, Sony will not allow pass-play capability with other consoles, citing safety worries for PS4 gamers.

Television networks were gaining hobby in esports for LOLGA the past couple of years, and today NBC Sports have become the today's community to leap at the fashion. It announced today that it'll broadcast a Rocket League tournament, marking the first time that Rocket League has been televised.

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