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Roberto Perez Puerto Rico Jersey[

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Buffett successor one of the most important requirement is that even if the risk is never seen Reymond Fuentes Puerto Rico Jersey , but also to anticipate and successfully evaded, the financial crisis in 2008 highlights Kang Busi seems risk-averse nature. Buffett's investment income during evaluation Kang Busi used when a word, "pretty good."

Is the so-called trace of her thousands of Baidu, when I look back, that person is in the dim light.

U.S. local time on October 26, Warren Warren Buffett announced charge of $ 400 Carlos Beltran Puerto Rico Jersey ,000,000 only selected funds, now 39-year-old hedge fund manager Todd Combs after he retired to succeed as chief investment officer of Berkshire Hathaway's main candidate people.

The appointment of Kang Busi is a typical "Buffett-style" on unexpected. Pittsburgh investment adviser and research institutions, president of Henry H. Armstrong Associates, James Armstrong commented on the appointment: "the most talented and independent ability to judge people often do not appear in the big institutions."

However, Berkshire's investors may not think so. Kang Busi appointment the next day Kennys Vargas Puerto Rico Jersey , Berkshire A shares fell 1.26%, to $ 123,455; B shares fell 1.33% to $ 82.22.

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Back in 2007, Buffett in "letter to shareholders," said that if he died or retired, his Berkshire's duties and powers will be distributed to at least 3 individuals T. J. Rivera Puerto Rico Jersey , were responsible for the supervision of Berkshire Seoul 70 investee company's new CEO, Chairman of the Board; and all of the company responsible for allocating and managing the securities portfolio, chief investment officer. Chief investment officer not only the right people.

This year a chance, in the hundreds of cover letters, the letters caused Kang Busi Berkshire Vice Chairman Munger interest. The request of the Kang Busi, Munger agree to meet with him and a club in Los Angeles had lunch. However Francisco Lindor Puerto Rico Jersey , it is that Dayton has changed Kang Busi common fate of lunch. Munger, Buffett called to dinner, said: "I'm sure you will like this guy." Later, Kang Busi really impressed to Warren Buffett, Buffett said: "He was the man we want to find of the people. "

According to a recent "Wall Street Journal," the article reported that Kang Busi 2007 Carlos Correa Puerto Rico Jersey , Berkshire had advice on matters relating to candidates, but did not cause any attention.

As Kang Busi come under the spotlight, Buffett looking for "successor" of the Journey has achieved progress. Kang Busi will serve as chief investment officer of the "leading" candidates, will be the leading candidate, CEO David Sokol and the major candidates, Howard Buffett Javier Baez Puerto Rico Jersey , Chairman of the Board (Howard Buffet Warren Buffett long a) formation of the three situation.

Berkshire's total assets of the current 100 billion U.S. dollars, including 500 billion in securities assets and 40 billion dollars in corporate and government bonds. Management of the assets of such a large scale for a 400 million U.S. dollars only familiar with the operation of the Kang Busi is undoubtedly a great challenge, because of the huge investment portfolio will make massive profits more difficult.

In this regard, Buffett said Kang Busi beginning assets under management will be "he was to get started" and then will gradually increase his management rights. Buffett himself will continue as chief investment officer position until he died or become "senile." Kang Busi and his salary will be management of assets and in relation to the performance of S & P 500 Index linked.

Buffett successor one of the most important requirement is that even if the risk is never seen, but also to anticipate and successfully evaded, the financial crisis in 2008 highlights Kang Busi seems risk-averse nature. Buffett Mike Aviles Puerto Rico Jersey , the financial crisis in the evaluation Kang Busi investment income during the period when a word used, "quite good." Buffett is no doubt that the level of risk control Kang Busi has met his requirements.

During the financial crisis, his stock in the pool has never been the financial crisis "death list" on the impressively in the purpose of companies, such as American International Group, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns Rene Rivera Puerto Rico Jersey , Citigroup, Washington Mutual Bank and the national bank. Kang Busi, a customer, said Kang Busi's performance in controlling risk, than he found a large increase in the ability of stock.

In addition to risk control, as the spiritual mentor Bong Kang Busi Buffett and Warren Buffett have many common points.

One of them is all focused on the financial sector. Buffett Roberto Perez Puerto Rico Jersey , the appreciation of assets under management primarily stems from his investment in the financial services industry than any other to be more than one area, it is also Kang Busi expertise.

New York fund management company benefits manager T2 Partners Whitney Tilson said that even had never heard of Kang Busi and Castle point fund specializing in financial services Buffett select a successor is a wise choice.
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