Path of Exile:Harvest Boss Kill Event - What You Need To Know

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Path of Exile:Harvest Boss Kill Event - What You Need To Know

Bài viết chưa xemgửi bởi james10241515 » Thứ 3 Tháng 6 30, 2020 11:03 am

Earlier in the week we announced an occasion that might reward the primary player to slay Harvest's ultimate boss in Hardcore Solo Self-Found on PC. We've also prepared some prizes for console players and gathered more information about the way to reach this boss in Harvest.

How The Event Works
The first player on each platform (PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4) to slay the last word boss in Path of Exile: Harvest in Hardcore Solo Self-Found will receive one among the highest prizes. Additionally, any player who slays this boss in any version of the event (Harvest Standard, Harvest Standard Solo Self-Found, Harvest Hardcore, Harvest Hardcore Solo Self-Found) within the primary week will enter the draw to win one among the highest prizes.

For PC users, the prize may be a laptop provided by Alienware! you'll find more information in our original news post here. To participate within the random draw portion of this event, you will need to slay the boss within the primary week after launch by 9am Monday 29 June (PDT).

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