cLendon, who previously played with Bell in Pittsburgh, said he encouraged Bell to show up to offseason work

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cLendon, who previously played with Bell in Pittsburgh, said he encouraged Bell to show up to offseason work

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Players know Organized Team Activities are voluntary , but Jets defensive tackle Steve McLendon thinks teammate Le’Veon Bell should volunteer to attend. McLendon, who previously played with Bell in Pittsburgh, said he encouraged Bell to show up to offseason work after Bell signed.“I talked to him and I told him, ‘You understand this place is different than Pittsburgh,’�?? McLendon said, via “I said Dre'Mont Jones Jersey , ‘You need to get back so you can understand the quarterback and the situation.�? . . . I told him, ‘The media is gonna get you if you don’t come back.�? That’s the truth. I did tell him that.�? Bell has declined to participate in voluntary work this offseason, and despite his own preferences, McLendon thinks all will work out in the end.“I know there’s been a lot of people saying, ‘Why is he not here? Because he was paid,’�?? McLendon said. “Listen , man, he’s not an All-Pro, Pro Bowl running back for no reason. Sometimes people prepare differently. Would we love him here? Yes. But when he comes here and he’s rocking and rolling and helping us get to where we want to go this season, ain’t nobody going to be thinking about it. And I know I’m not.”If having Bell there is important, perhaps the Jets should have put substantial workout bonuses in Bell’s contract to ensure he’d show. The failure of former Jets G.M. Mike Maccagnan to do that is now someone else’s problem. After the Seahawks’ 24-13 victory over the Cowboys in Week Three, receiver Doug Baldwin said Seattle had diagnosed some of the Cowboys’ defensive play calls based on their hand signals. At the time Hakeem Butler Jersey , not much was made of it.But now that the teams play again in an even more important game, it seems Baldwin’s comment probably was unwise.The Cowboys now know what the Seahawks knew.Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Marinelli, though, seems unconcerned with the Seahawks’ familiarity with Kris Richard or with their hand signals. Richard, the Cowboys’ defensive passing game coordinator and secondary coach, was fired as the Seahawks’ defensive coordinator after last season.“We know what we are ,” Marinelli said. “That’s the biggest thing. They’ll know our package from ever. We don’t change a lot. It’s about execution. I really don’t care what they know. I care about how hard we play, our pad level, how we execute our different charges, how we tackle, all those things, while keeping the quarterback in the well Drew Sample Jersey , trying to dominate the pocket and then playing good coverage.“That’s all that’s concerning us. Nothing else matters to me.”Baldwin revealed a few days after the September game that practice squad members Alex McGough and Caleb Scott figured out some of the Cowboys�? defensive calls from their hand signals. The Seahawks used that knowledge on a 52-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett, according to Baldwin.

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